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Home is the only one stop shop for sports medicine services in the United States. We have created a system that will allow the event planners and organizations we work with to save time, money, and stress on these small yet demanding components. Our goal is to create a safe environment for athletes to play in, while providing an emotionally engaging experience for all. By working with National Sports M.A.P., your organization has the ability to save lives, build community, have fun, and dream big.

Think of us as your staffing service for sports medicine and sponsorship development. We confirm practitioners with advanced notice, allowing you the confidence to manage the tournament or event knowing your sports medicine team is secure. In addition, we created a partnership with Smart Bodywork™ for our sports organizations to have access to over 35 years in brand development and event sponsorship at the highest level of sport and entertainment.

Every sport event, large or small, is able to achieve the next level through three things: active participants, excellent practitioners, and proper planning. Our partnership with National Center for Safety Initiatives, the leading provider in youth sports background checks (, allows us to create part-time jobs for dedicated sports medicine practitioners in the local community. In turn, this creates a significant cultural change in youth and high school athletes’ educational experiences through sport and activity.

The future belongs to those who believe
in the beauty of their dreams.
– Eleanor Roosevelt

We are committed to ensuring youth sports have a necessary tool for event planners to hire qualified practitioners to work their events and be a healthy part of your community. Sure, if you like them, we’ll work with you to hire them on their availability. However, in those times when they are not available we will hire a practitioner whose work you will be able to trust and recommend without a doubt to your athletes.

Our mission is to provide encouragement for student athletes to pursue their dreams of playing professionally, but to also lead them down a path to success for every level of career achievement! Sports are about teamwork, competition, achievement and failure, but more importantly about learning, maturing, and experiencing life safely with confidence.

Our practitioners perform current concussion management evaluations on-site and will continue monitoring the athlete(s) throughout the event time period. We also maintain records of athlete injuries and complete a First Aid Treatment form for record keeping of emergency and concussion incidents. Our practitioners willingly educate athletes so they can mitigate their own risks in sport. They communicate quickly and efficiently with all event staff in critical moments with the intention of saving an athlete’s life.

Currently, only one out of ten youth athletes live after sudden cardiac arrest (SCA Foundation). We believe the time is now to change and start saving the lives of athletes everywhere! We will make sure to secure an AED (American Red Cross AED Info) for your event, if one is not on-site, so we can increase the survivor rate.

Proud supporter of the Film & Entertainment Industry

Our wellness & sports medicine practitioners are experienced in working with professional athletes, celebrities, and on-site at film & entertainment industry events. Your crew always deserves the best dynamic team of practitioners who can help their bodywork recovery and that’s why we do what we do!

We are a proud sponsor of the Bel Air Film Festival and excited to work with those who dedicate their careers to ensure the Entertainment of Millions.

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